Life in Leesburg, Virginia: Things You Need To Know

August 15, 2022

Leesburg is a community-oriented and charming town that is fueled with features and reasons to consistently place in top rankings among the best places to live in Virginia. Here are the things that you need to know as to why Leesburg, Virginia is a nice place to live.

Brief History of Leesburg
Loudon County's government seat, Leesburg, was established in 1758. The rich history of the town spans 300 years. It started in 1722 where immigrants of different religious backgrounds and ethnicities began settling in now known as Loudon County. The 4,054 acres of land, now Leesburg, was granted to Francis Awbrey by the 6th Earl of Fairfax, Thomas, in 1730. The Town of Leesburg was established through the Act of the Assembly in September 1758 and was incorporated in 1813.

The public schools of Leesburg, from kindergarten through high school, are some of the best in Virginia. According to the ratings of Newsweek's Challenge Index, all the eligible high schools of Loudon County are included in the best high schools in America. This also consists of several high schools in Leesburg including Heritage High and Loudon County High School. US News also cited Tuscarora High which has a high percentage of AP students and test scores in the prestigious rankings of World Report. Other educational institutes that received high recognition are the JL Simpson Middle School and Evergreen Mill Elementary School.

The locals of Leesburg have a strong sense of community and enjoy friendly gatherings. Throughout the town, family-oriented neighborhoods are practiced by homeowners hence new residence can find their community within the community. Countless amenities and facilities are already provided by each neighborhood and are designed for families to live comfortably. They also offer green spaces for children and safe streets to ensure the safety of the people living in the community.

Arts and Culture
As the original cultural hub and farm-to-market location of Loudon, the town of Leesburg are rich in Arts and Cultural District. The art and culture of Leesburg are shown in the Historic Downtown that is filled with magnificent architecture, galleries that are packed with the amazing creations of local artisans, live music performances at the Town green, world-class restaurants, shops, and the famous The Marshall House. Moreover, the town is known as a treasure trove of the history of African Americans since the Thomas Balch Library consists of the county's genealogy, historical documents, and the experience of African Americans.

Parks and Recreations
Leesburg provides an extraordinary variety of recreation and parks. One of the best Mid-Atlantic full-service recreation centers is the Ida Lee Park and Recreation Center which houses an indoor pool, fitness studio, tennis center, basketball courts, and a state-of-the-art fitness facility. In addition to that, they provide different classes for all ages which vary from beginner to advance, and from arts to dances. They also have swimming programs, school-break camps, and summer camps. Furthermore, they host sporting games and other annual events such as Arts and Craft Shows and Easter Egg Hunt. Aside from the Ida Lee Park and Recreation Center, Leesburg has more than 15 public parks which include Olde Izaak Walton Park and Catoctin Skate Park.

Best tourist attractions in Leesburg, Virginia

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