Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park

August 15, 2022

Nestled within a residential development of Leesburg along the Loudoun County's Potomac River, the Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park is a paramount stop for the enthusiasts of Civil War, hikers, and historians. Recently re-established, a wide variety of hiking trails, a small cemetery, and interpretive markers make touring Ball's Bluff a must-try experience.

Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park protects and maintains the location of one of Loudoun County's largest Civil War confrontations. On October 21, 1861, the engagement was waged as part of the operation of Union Major General George B. McClellan throughout the American Civil War in North Virginia. Although a minor confrontation in comparison with the engagements that took place in the following years, it was the Eastern Theater's second-largest battle in 1861, and the conflict's aftermath had backsplash in the chain of the command structure of the Union Army and raised power separation issues bound by the United States Constitution amid the war.

The 54 Union Army that died during the Battle of Ball's Bluff are laid to rest in 25 graves in a 1/2-acre plot. Monuments to departed Edward Dickinson Baker, a brigade commander of the Union, and Confederate Sergeant Clinton Hatcher are situated beside the cemetery, however, neither is buried on the site of the monuments. While the cemetery enclosed by a stone wall is retained by the Department of Veterans Affairs and managed via the Culpeper National Cemetery, the 223-acre balance park is managed via the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

Group and guided tours are offered at Ball's Bluff Regional Park. The park also provides numerous options to amplify your visit to the historical area. Visitors can participate in one of the expert volunteer guides of the park as they revive history or stroll all over the park by themselves for a self-guided tour. Tours of the Battlefield are open publicly every weekend from April to November. Park's volunteer interpreters conduct free tours and offer fascinating insights into the battle that occurred at Ball's Bluff. Additionally, the park provides an online sheet for an educational scavenger hunt for a safe and fun activity as your family search for Loudoun County's vibrant history.

Anyone can apply to be battlefield interpreter volunteers who share the daylong battle's history with visitors of all interest degrees and for adults and school children groups. The training received by the volunteers will prepare them to offer weekday and weekend tours that range from a general introduction to the engagement to an in-depth tour that can last for over an hour. Interpreters need to be fit to walk a rather difficult terrain throughout the whole duration of the tours. Ball's Bluff Regional Park's major site includes a cemetery and highlights interpretative signage, trail, and a scenic view of the site itself, dominating the Potomac River.

With varying terrain, shady trails, and well-marked, interesting historic spots, Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park is also one of Northern Virginia's great hiking sites. Several miles of trails link along the park giving hikers a few options for the distance or length of the trail and center of interest of the hike. With less than a mile, the Battlefield Interpretive Loop is an ideal option for enthusiasts of Civil War history and features a mainly level dirt footpath through open fields and woods.

Along the hike, hikers can detect informative signs, starting at the interpretive area which is close to the parking lot. For a longer hike option around the perimeter of the park, hikers can consider the Orange Trail through the Potomac River, afterward pursue the Potomac Heritage Trail, returning on the Blue, Red, or Yellow Trail. The trails are an excellent choice for a serene nature hike or birding close to Leesburg center. During the spring season, hikers are greeted with beautiful wildflowers and animals, especially within close range to the river.

As a National Historic Landmark declared in 1984, Ball's Bluff Regional Park is the location of the United States' third smallest national cemetery as well.

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